We are an effort that came together to stop Kyrsten Sinema from continuing to obstruct Democratic progress. In the last year, we laid the groundwork to support a candidate to defeat Sinema in the Arizona Senate Democratic primary. Since she has announced her exit from the Democratic Party, that means she won’t be a candidate in the primary, but we still need to defeat her in the general election. That means we need to win a potential three-way race against both Sinema and a Republican so that a true Democrat can represent Arizona in the Senate.

Kyrsten Sinema has obstructed progress for long enough - on issues ranging from health care to education, from climate change to immigration, voting rights and abortion rights and more. She has empowered Mitch McConnell and the Republicans at the expense of the rest of us.

Sinema has listened to corporate donors and lobbyists instead of the grassroots volunteers and voters who elected her. Her announcement that she was leaving the Democratic Party to register as an Independent came as a slap in the face to all of the volunteers who worked hard to elect her as well as the voters to cast their ballot for her under false pretenses. It’s now time to replace her with someone that Arizonans can trust.

The money we raise will go to hold Sinema accountable and finally defeat her at the ballot box.