Why does Senator Sinema need a primary challenge?

The people of Arizona voted for Joe Biden and the Biden agenda. Senator Sinema is out of step with Arizonans—and not just Democrats. She is opposing popular policies supported by broad, bipartisan majorities of Arizonans, policies that would benefit her constituents.

What’s in the legislation that Senator Sinema is blocking?

In obstructing much of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda , Senator Sinema is blocking the following:

  • Lowering the cost of prescription drugs
  • Medicare expansion, including Dental, Vision, and Hearing
  • Home healthcare services for seniors and people with disabilities
  • Affordable and high quality child care
  • Universal Pre-K for 3 and 4-year old children
  • Increased funding for Community College, HBCUs and MSIs, and Pell Grants
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave
  • Housing Investments
  • Small Business support
  • Immigration reform measures
  • Creating a clean energy standard and taking other climate measures that would cut carbon emissions in half by 2030
  • And more

This agenda is widely popular and supported by a bipartisan majority of Arizonans. It would also be paid for without raising taxes on small businesses or families making less than $400,000 per year.

What about voting rights?

Senator Sinema frequently touts her support for voting rights reforms, often invoking the name of the late Congressman John Lewis. However, none of the reforms that she claims to support can pass while the filibuster is in place. As long as Senator Sinema continues to support the filibuster, she is acting in direct opposition to passing meaningful voting rights and pro-democracy legislation.

Senator Joe Manchin recently negotiated a compromise piece of legislation that will garner majority support for key reforms that include automatic voter registration, restrictions on partisan gerrymandering, and banning “dark money” in campaigns. However, this legislation will not be enacted unless the filibuster is eliminated or reformed.  

Who is funding PrimarySinema.com?

We hope everyone who agrees that Senator Sinema should be held accountable will chip in!

PrimarySinema.com is a project of Change for Arizona 2024 PAC.

The initial investment for the PAC and PrimarySinema.com came from Way to Win, a network of organizers and donors that was started in 2017 to oust Donald Trump, and which funded a $110 million plan in 2020, with significant resources going to Arizona and Georgia. Way to Win has since supported Arizona political organizations and campaigns, as well as primary challengers against other corporate Democrats.

Are you supporting a particular primary challenger?

No. That’s not our role. That’s up to the voters. We want to build the infrastructure and make the case that it’s time for change. So that when a strong primary challenger emerges, they aren’t starting from scratch.

How will the money be used?

The money will go to support grassroots groups on the ground in Arizona who are leading the fight to hold Sinema accountable, making the case that it’s time for change, and helping to lay the foundation for a successful primary challenge. When a strong primary challenger emerges, they will already have the support and infrastructure they need to take on Sinema.

The first group that we’ve identified as a recipient of funding is Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA), which organizes voters across Arizona and has been on the front lines of holding Senator Sinema accountable. Additional partner groups will be identified and listed as this effort continues.  

Why are you starting now when she’s not running until 2024?  

Simply put, we can’t afford to wait. We may right now be at the most critical point of President Biden’s presidency. Senator Sinema’s obstruction is going to weaken Democrats’ ability to win in 2022 and keep their majorities in Congress, and thus will determine the trajectory of the rest of President Biden’s time in office - and even the Democratic Party’s chances in 2024. Senator Sinema needs to understand that if she keeps blocking the Biden agenda that Arizona voted for, she will be held accountable.  

Senator Sinema is not up in 2022, but her colleague Mark Kelly is. In order to win next year, he’ll need to be able to show voters a clear set of accomplishments that improved their daily lives. By obstructing President Biden’s agenda, Senator Sinema is hurting Senator Kelly’s chances at winning reelection as well.

Can Sinema be recalled before then?

No. Recall laws at the state level do not apply to federal office holders. Therefore, Arizona's recall law does not apply to Sinema.  

Can Sinema be defeated in a Democratic primary in 2024?

Yes. Two-thirds of likely Democratic primary voters said in a July poll that they would back a primary challenge to Sinema if she continues to protect the filibuster, and the same poll showed that Arizona Democrats are highly energized to vote in a Senate primary.  

Biden’s agenda is broadly popular in Arizona -- and extremely popular with Democrats. If Senator Sinema continues blocking it, voters will not reward her in 2024.