Why does Senator Sinema need a primary challenge?

The people of Arizona voted for two Democratic Senators – not just one. They also voted for Joe Biden and a Democratic agenda. Senator Sinema is out of step with Arizonans—and not just Democrats. She is opposing popular policies supported by broad, bipartisan majorities of Arizonans, policies that would benefit her constituents. Her obstruction helped force President Biden and Senate Democrats to greatly scale back the Build Back Better agenda, shelving many investments that would help Arizonans and families across the country – including affordable child care, universal pre-k, paid family and medical leave, home healthcare services for seniors and people with disabilities, increased college funding, and more. 

Then when a bill finally was agreed to between Senators Manchin and Schumer, Sinema insisted on special treatment for Wall Street donors. 

Most importantly, Sinema's stubborn refusal to change the filibuster rules has empowered Republicans - and Mitch McConnell - at President Biden's and Democrats' expense. Her vehement support of the filibuster as it stands has allowed voting rights legislation to wither on the vine, and it has prevented pro-choice Senators from saving Roe v. Wade and enshrining abortion rights into law. 

Who is funding PrimarySinema.com?

We hope everyone who agrees that Senator Sinema should be held accountable will chip in!

PrimarySinema.com is a project of Change for Arizona 2024 PAC.

The initial investment for the PAC and PrimarySinema.com came from Way to Win, a network of organizers and donors that was started in 2017 to oust Donald Trump, and which funded a $110 million plan in 2020, with significant resources going to Arizona and Georgia. Way to Win has since supported Arizona political organizations and campaigns, as well as primary challengers against other corporate Democrats.

Are you supporting a particular primary challenger?

No. That’s not our role. That’s up to the voters. We want to build the infrastructure and make the case that it’s time for change. So that when a strong primary challenger emerges, they aren’t starting from scratch.

What is the money for?

We are working with grassroots groups on the ground who are leading the fight to hold Sinema accountable, making the case that it’s time for change, and helping to lay the foundation for a successful primary challenge. We are making sure that when a strong primary challenger emerges, they will already have the support and infrastructure they need to take on Sinema. Our funds also go toward communicating with Arizona voters as well as Democrats across the country about why it's so important to Primary Sinema.  

Can Sinema be recalled before then?

No. Recall laws at the state level do not apply to federal office holders. Therefore, Arizona's recall law does not apply to Sinema.  

Can Sinema be defeated in a Democratic primary in 2024?

Yes. Polls show that Arizona Democratic primary voters are ready to back a primary challenge to Sinema.  

Biden’s agenda is broadly popular in Arizona -- and extremely popular with Democrats. If Senator Sinema continues blocking it, voters will not reward her in 2024.